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Pakistan Facts

The country of Pakistan is located between 23.30 Degrees and 36.45 Degrees North latitude and 61 Degrees and 75.30 Degrees East longitude in the northern hemisphere in South-East Asia.

The official name is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The name Pakistan means Pure Land.

Pakistan borders Afghanistan in the north-west, Iran in the west, India in the east, China in the north-east and Arabian Sea in the south. In the north-west a narrow stretch of Afghan territory, known as the Wakhan corridor, separates it from the former U.S.S.R. Pakistan, thus shares its borders with Afghanistan for about 2,400 km. with Iran for about 850 km. and with India for about 1675 km. It has a very rich historical and cultural heritage. It offers a great variety of vistas which range southwards from the highest mountains of the world, to the hills of fairly high altitude towards the west. The northern region offers raging rivers, breathtaking valleys, snow covered peaks and massive glaciers. These scenes then stretch south-east into uplands and fertile plains in the middle, sandy desolate deserts and arid plateaus towards the south- sandy silver white sandy beaches, lagoons and mangrove swamps and sea in the far south.

Pakistan is made up of four main provinces:
Punjab 205,344 Sq.Km.
Sindh 140 914 Sq.Km.
NWFP 74,521 Sq.Km.
Baluchistan 347,190 Sq.Km.
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