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Peshawar, city, northwestern Pakistan, capital of North-West Frontier Province, near the entrance to Khyber Pass. The city is a commercial center and the traditional terminus of caravans from Afghanistan. Industries include handicrafts and the manufacture of processed food, footwear, silk, and cotton textiles. Peshawar University was established here in 1950. Also in the city is Peshawar Museum, which houses important collections of sculpture of the ancient Gandhara civilization. An ancient trading center known as Purushapure, the city was a target for invaders of the Indian subcontinent because of its strategic location near the pass. In the early 19th century Peshawar came under the control of the Sikhs, and in 1849 it was captured by the British. It has been the capital of the Pakistani North-West Frontier Province (except for 1955-70) since 1947. Population (1998) 988,055.
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